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    Deleted pages showing up under Broken Links, but no links ever went to/from them



      • RoboHelp 10 (project upgraded from RH7, 8, and 9 over the years)
      • Windows 7
      • Connected to a VSS repository.



      The title describes what's happening, and I want to to know how to clear the Broken Links list of these links.


      Here's what I did

      1. Through the TOC sidebar, I added a page. (right click > New > Page).
      2. Through the New TOC pop-up, I added a New Topic.
      3. After adding the new topic, it showed up on both the project view and the TOC, as it should.
      4. I wrote a bit in the file:
        1. I created multiple files, some using templates and user-defined variables, others  without anything more than your standard, blank page.
        2. There were no inbound (that I'm aware of) or outbound links. 
      5. I went ahead and deleted both the TOC entry and the Project View entry.


      Here's what happened

      1. The file shows up in the Broken Links list.
      2. When I vew its properties, it says that it has no references.
      3. Clicking "Edit" does nothing.
      4. The issue happened with mutliple test pages, none of which linked to anything.


      2-21-2014 8-24-08 AM.jpg



      • I inherited this file from another writer.
      • Basically, I'm trying to figure out what they did or didn't do with this project.
      • Right now, there are literaly hundreds of broken links, broken images, and I'm pretty sure I saw a monster hiding in the code.