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    InDesign cs6 won't open InDesign cs6 file?? says it's cs7... but it's not

    JMBphoto Level 1

      I have been working on a HUGE project for a couple years (clients fault, months between changes from them) and I just got a huge amount of changes that I want to start working on. When I go to open the Indesign file, it won't open! I get the error "Cannot open "file name.indd" because it was saved with a newer version of Adobe InDesign (CS7.0). You must use that version or later to open the file. To then enable it to be opened in this version, choose Save As InDesign CS4 or later, or export to IDML."


      The thing is, I don't have CS7 or CC, I never have. This file has only been worked on on this one computer. When I click on the file in Finder, it lists it as CS6, just like older versions of the file (previous incarnations of the project, pre-changes, etc).


      What the heck!? I am on a Macbook Pro running Mavricks, full CS6 suite, and everything has been peachy up till now. The file was absolutely not saved in CC or CS7 and it is itself listed as CS6 (in the finder info as I previously mentioned)...


      Anyone have any ideas on this? I would love to get it up and running and get this project going again.


      Please help!