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    Custom image generator


      Hi, I'm trying to find out how to create a way to do this:


      I have a website, currently a visitor will fill out a form upload an attachment and that form and image is emailed to me, and then i will personally create the image (as a jpg) incorperating the text and image, then the image is uploaded to a gallery on the website.


      Now the number of these requests has increased greatly and thus a need for a more autmoated way of doing this is needed.


      I'm not sure if im even in the right area (so feel free to point me else where) or if this is even doable through an adobe product, but i figured i have to start somewhere right?


      So i need a program (or whatever you call it) that allows the visitor to fill out a little form which in live time will show the information up on the background image, PLUS i need them to be able to add a photo and adjust the alignment and size to fit within a frame (make sense??)


      (ok the image currently we cut a oval out of the photo sent to us and paste it on the front of the background image all done in photoshop (not the greatest way to do it - but im sharing the job with anohter person thats not as experienced in PS use as i am so we are keeping it rather simple).


      the website is run through wordpress.


      can anyone help me out here??


      i have access to the creative cloud and are willign to learn whatever program i have to to get this done (currently use CS5 PS, AI, DW, LR with ease - only just updraged to the CC last week so havent had a good look at them yet (went away for a week lol) )


      Its a NFP charity website that I volunteer my time with.


      thanks In advance!