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    URLLoader IOERROR #2032 on Android 4.2 OS


      I have used URLLoader to load external swf for my flex mobile project.

      I am able to get it to work on Android tablet with OS version  4.1 and below.


      However, recent test on a new Android tablet with OS version 4.2 encountered an IOERROR # 2032 due to URLLoader.load().


      Below is a sample of the code used which works fine on OS 4.1 or earlier.


      // load the file with URLLoader into a bytearray

      var loader:URLLoader=new URLLoader();

      // binary format since it a SWF


      loader.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, onIOError);

      loader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onSWFLoaded);

      //load the file

      loader.load(new URLRequest(sExperimentPart));


      onIOError is active with an error # 2032. (for Android OS version 4.2 and OS version 4.3)

      I wonder if it has something to do with multi-user support on OS version 4.2 and higher.


      Can anyone kindly advice how this issue could be resolved.


      Thank you