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    Various issues while launching a website..  Help??


      I developed a website that was designed by a marketing agency and I am having a very difficult time launching the site. 


      There seems to be multiple problems.. 


      First, I exported the site to HTML and then used Filezilla to transfer the files to their hosting.  There were a lot of things messed up with the site..  Missing images..  Text formatted randomly..  overlapping text and images..  one page was almost completely blank... 


      So, then I tried "upload to FTP host" from within muse.  That did take care of many of the problems..  The text was formatted correctly..  that blank page was back to normal.  However, there are still missing images. 


      Additionally, I created a mobile version of the site..  When I go to the website, it opens the desktop version..  And yes, I have that box checked saying forward to phone..


      I temporarily launched the site on Business Catalyst and it looks and functions perfectly.  I also published it to BlueHost and it looks great there..


      Does anyone know what's going on??? 


      Here is the business catalyst version which looks correct:  atg001.businesscatalyst.com


      Here is the actual website:  amtool-mfg.com