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    Show snapshot button only gives a brief flash of the image




      for the first time in my life Google disappointed me completly. I hope you guys can help me!


      I work a lot with the "Take snapshot" and "Show snapshot" buttons in After Effects. But since I moved AE CS6 from my 6 year old to my brand new iMac last week a new funny thing happens:

      I take the snapshot via button, you get the klick-sound, I press the show snapshot button and the taken image appears and disappears in a microsecond. Just a flash of the image. Funny though, the F5 button works. Toghether with the FN button or alone.


      It's AE CS6 on an 2013 iMac with Maverick 10.9.2 .


      The usual tricks like updating everything, emptying every cache, close every other programm, restarting the Mac, make a cup of coffee and hope the problem solves itself, … nothing worked.


      I'm happy for any idea!