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    Issues opening AE CC project with CS6 despite the "save as CS6" option


      Hello all,


      I wish I wouldn't have to bother anyone with my noob question but I tried it all. I've been through the FAQ, the Search tool, lost myself on the Net for hours and... I can't find my problem resolved anywhere. It makes me feel sooOOo lonely.


      So, I know "After Effects CC (12.0) has a feature to save projects in a format that can be opened by After Effects CS6 (11.0)".


      BUT, as I used that precise feature (as well as the XML feature) and still have to face the impossibility to open my project file on CS6, I wondered if... anyone could help me to find an explanation at least. Or maybe even a solution.


      I know about the pt_OpenSesame script, but it seems to be less efficient than the feature "save as CS6" itself (as said by Adobe on several forums), and... it costs money


      Any idea why this "save as CS6" feature could possibly not work ? Any link to allow me to understand ?


      Could it be caused by the difference in OS updates ?


      Thanks a lot in advance !


      Config :

      From recent MBP with Lion 10.8.5 and CC (12.2)

      To less recent MBP with Lion 10.6.8 and CS6 (11.0)


      Message :

      "The file you are trying to open has been created with AE v12.2 (Macintosh 64) and can not be open with your actual version of it" (sorry it's a translation from french, not sure it is totally accurate)