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    Text Wrap Problem

    Jamie Crocker

      I’m working on a multi-page book that is heavily footnoted and is comprised of several chapters. As content becomes available from my client, (in the form of Word documents) I create a new document and import the text and format accordingly, incorporating photos within the text and then applying ‘wrap around bounding box’ as necessary. Chapters 1 to 3 went off without a hitch. However, when I got to the end of Chapter 4 and placed a photo on the penultimate page the spinning wheel appeared and just stayed there! A force quite ensued followed by a re-launch. All to no avail. I thought it might be a font issue as I’m using TransLitLSU – the book requires Arabic typographic elements here and there – but replacing this with something else didn’t resolve the problem. Placing the same photo on previous pages or previous chapters does not cause an issue. Could it be something in the last two pages of the document that is causing the problem?

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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          Did you try to export to IDML; then re-open the IDML to reconstitute the file clean and fresh?

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            Jamie Crocker Level 1

            Thanks Michael – I've tried this. However, out of pure desperation and in response to your reply I tried it again. Interestingly I was able to place an image on the last page with 'wrap around bounding box' activated without a hitch. Bouyed up by this result I placed an image on the penultimate page. No lock up. So, I checked the 'Text frame options' for the text frame on this page. Sure enough 'Ignore text wrap' was ticked. I deactivated it and then attempted to move the image within the page. Result – lock up. I'm wondering if some form of instruction has been imported from Word that is causing the problem?

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              You could try deleting the last two pages of the document and adding two new ones, then reflow the overset text.


              If there's no change, try exporting the story to InDesign Tagged Text and flow that int a frame on the pasteboard, then select all and copy to the clipboard, then select all in the orignal story and paste to replace it.


              If that doesn't work, delete ALL the text frames on the pages, move the placed tagged text story onto the page and flow the overset into new frames and try again.

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                Jamie Crocker Level 1

                Thanks Peter. Tried your first idea. No success. And then from the deeper recesses of my brain out popped a memory of something I'd changed in 'Document Footnote Options'. So, chasing it down – Layout – Footnote Formatting – Paragraph Style, I changed 'Basic Paragraph Style' back to 'No Paragraph Style'. Hey presto, it worked! However, because of my previous actions of stripping out and re-pasting text I noticed that I'd introduced a new paragraph directly after footnote 29 where there shouldn't have been one. I took the line back and guess what? It all seized up again. So it looks as though there is an issue just after this reference. Fortunately my client is very understanding and says we can live with a new paragraph just here. I'm still not happy so I'm going to keep going at it. It's a pity that the problem isn't visible!