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    Coldfusion 10 Enterprise VS Standard Clarification




      So we have a nice little aplication running on CF10 developer that has been built for approx ~5 users (more as we progress) on the local network (not on the internet) to update product details/quantities/schedule tasks/some pdf manipulation ect. Fairly basic stuff for the most part.


      I'm trying to get some clarification on the differences between CF10 Enterprise & CF10 Standard before purchasing. Google is not much help, neither is Adobe Customer Support.


      So we currently have the developers edition of CF10 which enables all the Enterprise features however this isn't really helping because we are looking at purchasing the Standard edition (to begin with).


      The particular questions I have in regards to "Coldfusion 10 STANDARD" are as follows & require some expanding on other than "Restricted" or "NOT AVAILABLE". Bolded questions  definately requiring some expanding on.


      • Gateway architecture
      • Data services messaging
      • Asynchronous CFML gateway
      • TCP/IP socket gateway
      • Chaining of scheduled tasks (NOT AVAILABLE)
      • Application specific scheduled tasks (NOT AVAILABLE)
      • PDF document manipulation
      • ** Support for web socket protocol on server


      Any help would be much appreciated.