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    Creating a separate alpha channel file in AE


      I have created a short (<3 seconds) video comprised of 2 layers. Each layer was filmed as a green screen, and I used Keylight in After Effects CC to create a transparent background. My ultimate objective is to use the clip to create a transition for use in ProShow Producer, as described in the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qg74Os8Y2wU.  To do this, I need the main video file, and a second file containing only the alpha channel. Any ideas how to do this?


      I have used Adobe Media Encoder to output a FLV, and told it to Encode Alpha Channel, as was suggested, but I only get the one file (the main video). How do I get the alpha file?


      I am using AE CC. All the discussions I have  been able to find on this subject are several years old and refer to an apparently much changed interface.