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    RoboEngine for RoboHelp X5

      I've installed the RoboEngine on my server, but I don't have any user manuals to guide me on how to use it. I was told by Adobe that since I'm using RoboHelp X5 they can not get the user manuals and that RoboHelp 6 does not have RoboEngine.

      If I have to, I will upgrade to RoboHelp6. But is there anything included in RoboHelp6 that would give me the same results as RoboEngine would? Or would it be better for me to keep RoboHelp X5 and try to find user manuals to guide me?

      And I guess it would hurt to ask, does anyone know where I can purchase user manuals for RoboHelp X5 and the RoboEngine?

      Thanks in advanced...
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Susy. RoboHelp Server 6 is just the latest version of RoboEngine. They just renamed the product but it is essentially the same. You can quite easily stay with RoboEngine. There any number of knowledge base articles available and John Daigle has a series of articles also that are well worth a read. Try searching on "Installing RoboEngine" in the Adobe support site and there are plenty of links including one to the user guide for RoboHelp Server 6. Even though it is a newer version the same principals apply.