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    Cannot cancel

    Micha O

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      My experience with Adobe support earlier today,  unresoved, below:

      (I would appreciate if someone can cancel my subscription without taking money from me, thank you)

      You are now chatting with Neha. To ensure we stay connected throughout our interaction , please don't click on the 'x' in the chat window. Doing so will disconnect our chat session.

      Neha: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.

      Neha: Hi Micha.

      Micha Oelsner: Hi

      Neha: I understand that you wish to cancel the subscription.

      Neha: I'll be glad to check and help you with that.

      Micha Oelsner: Yes please

      Micha Oelsner: What do I need to do?

      Neha: I have checked and seen that you have purchased Adobe ExportPDF Annual on Mar 10, 2013.

      Neha: May I know the reason for canceling the subscription.

      Micha Oelsner: Yes, I couldnt figure out how to cancel in time

      Neha: Okay.

      Micha Oelsner: That program does not work. Any documents I tried to convert from PDF into ie word, did never convert correctly. So I stopped using it and certainly don't want to pay for another year for a programm that does nor work for me. I am on Windows 7, 64 bits and use open office. That might be the problem.

      Neha: Okay.

      Neha: Please give me 3-4 minutes to cancel the subscription for you.

      Micha Oelsner: I also don't have the time to get to the bottom of why it is not working. I was not aware of the subscrpition automatically carrying on and did not know Adobe can just try take money off my CC without first invoicing me or something. And as mentioned I couldnt figure out how to cancel in time, and also saw the email from Adobe too late! (I was moving from one city to another in February, so my emails piled up

      Micha Oelsner: Oh, ok, if you can cancel the subscription for me, great! please do

      Neha: Micha I see that you need to update the credit card details if you wish to cancel the subscription. I request you to please update your credit card details so that I can cancel your subscription.

      Micha Oelsner: My CC details have not changed. What do you mean update?

      Micha Oelsner: The reason the payment did not go through is that I have no funds in my CC

      Neha: Micha I cannot cancel your subscription until your credit card details is not updated.

      Micha Oelsner: Explain what you mean with that, because my CC details as they are on your system have not changed...

      Neha: Micha that is for CC subscription. The subscription that you are referring is for Adobe export PDF.

      Micha Oelsner: Now I am confused. So what exactly do I need to do now?

      Neha: You have contacted us to cancel your Adobe Export PDF subscription and i checked that you need to update your credit card details in order to cancel your subscription.

      Micha Oelsner: How do I do that? Where do I go? Is there a link?

      Neha: I'll provide you the steps to update the credit card details.

      Micha Oelsner: ok

      Neha: 1:Sign in to Creative Cloud @ creative.Adobe.com . Click My Account.

      Neha: 2:Under Plan Information, click Edit Payment Info.

      Neha: 3:Enter your password, click Verify, and then enter the new payment information.

      Micha Oelsner: Under my subscription, is says edit billing. Is that what you refer to?

      Neha: Yes, you are correct.

      Micha Oelsner: But that makes no sense,my CC details have n ot changed. So how do I change them if they have not changed???

      Neha: I am sorry Micha I cannot cancel your subscription until you change you credit card details.

      Micha Oelsner: Change them to what if they are the same as before???

      Neha: Please update it.

      Micha Oelsner: Must I make invent new CC details?

      Micha Oelsner: You have tried to take money off my CC. The reason it did not work is NOT because my CC details changed, it is because there are no funds

      Neha: Okay. You can contact us back once you have funds and we will be able to cancel your subscription.

      Micha Oelsner: I am not paying! I dont want the subscripotion!

      Micha Oelsner: Why would I pay for a whole year that you are cancelling anyway!

      Micha Oelsner: I am shocked at Adobe's way of making business. I will rather cancel my CC and get a new one so that I never hear from Adobe again and so that you can never access my CC account again.