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    Data merge / Import through a .csv File


      Hello dear Adobe Community!


      I'm new here!

      Maybe there is somebody out there who can help me.


      First i got a big Adobe InDesign File where I already have designed a catalog.

      It's made through tables.


      It looks like this:



      So here's my problem.

      The article numbers are already filled in.

      And I have a .csv file with 3 different colums.

      Art.Number, StandardPrice, DaliPrice

      It looks like this:



      So now i want to import only the prices from this file, because the article numbers are already filled in.

      If i try to import the .csv file through data merge --> create merged document i am not able to choose this field which i marked blue (dataset).

      I don't know why... maybe i have to format my csv file different?




      And also if i try to show the preview it only takes the data from the first line in my csv file.

      So somehow i have to merge the fields from the csv file with the article number which is already in my indesign file.


      All those fields who look like this------>


      are from an plugin which is calles easy catalog... but i think i won't need this plugin... i am sure it's also possible with data merge.



      Hopefully You can help me out there....

      Just ask if you don't understand me..... cause my english is kind of bad.... i am from austria