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    Why does Reader 11 incorrectly set the DDE Server Name?


      It appears to me that the installer is setting the DDE Server name in the registry to 'AcroviewR10' instead of the 'AcroviewR11'.


      I confirmed by upgrading from Reader 9.5.x (DDE == Acroview) to Reader 11 (as of Oct 22, 2012) and the new value in the registry (XP and 7) was AcroviewR10.


      I know there was a similiar issue when Reader 10 was released. Is there any idea when an update might come out that will fix this? I hate having to give customer's .reg files to fix these issues.


      I understand that you are new to updating this variable every release, and so it isn't a part of your checklist yet, but it would be highly appreciated if you could remember that for version 12.