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    Coldfusion 10 iis process restart every 900 seconds

    Lancelotling Level 1

      Dear All CF GURU,


      There have been a bug that troubling me.


      I have a mysql dump process as code below and it will keep restart the process around every 900 seconds.


      <cfsetting requesttimeout="72000">
      <cfquery name="backupdb" datasource="main">
      SELECT schema_name FROm information_schema.SCHEMATA where schema_name <> "information_schema" and schema_name <> "mysql"
      <cfloop query="backupdb" >
      <cfset dts = backupdb.schema_name>
      <cfset currentDirectory = "C:\DAILYBACKUP\"& dts>
      <cfif DirectoryExists(currentDirectory) eq false>
      <cfdirectory action = "create" directory = "#currentDirectory#" >
      <cfset filename=dts&"_"&dateformat(now(),'YYYYMMDD')&"_"&timeformat(now(),'HHMMSS')&"_"&GetAuthU ser()&"_DAILY.sql">
      <cfset currentdirfile=currentDirectory&"\"&filename>
      <cfexecute name = "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\bin\mysqldump"
          arguments = "--user=root --password=xxxxxx #dts#" outputfile="#currentdirfile#" timeout="3600">

      <cfzip source="C:\DAILYBACKUP" action="zip" file="C:\DAILY_BACKUP_#dateformat(now(),'YYYYMMDD')#_#timeformat(now(),'HHMMSS')#.zip" overwrite="yes">

      <cfdirectory action="delete" directory="C:\DAILYBACKUP\" recurse="yes">


      As picture below, it has run the cfexecure for 4 times before the whole process end.


      repeated backup.PNG


      The process wil ltake around 1 to 2 hours and as in server monitor, it will start a new same process every 900 seconds.


      The process is run through schedule task but i try with IE still facing the same issue.