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    WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Activation problem 194:100

    Missteach Level 1

      What the ihell is going on?


      I have been burdened with activation issues for weeks - see my previous thread. I have had no response here from Adobe about how to fix it. Please don't say this is a 'user to user' forum. It isn't a 'U2U' forum when Adobe state this is the first place we should look!


      Now, no CC program will run owing to something called 'Activation problem 194:100'.


      Yes, I have logged out. Yes, I have rebooted. Yes, I have deactivated 'more than 2 machines'. Why should I have to repeatedly click to 'deactivate 2 previous activations' when there has NEVER been more than one activation?


      Adobe not only make me look a laughing stock in the classroom but this constant issue that has been going on for weeks now subliminally tells students Adobe software is useless!


      When will I be able to use CC again? I am paying for it remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!