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    copy file to folder in applescript inside javascript

    Mahesh_JW Level 1

      Hi All,

      I used the below code to copy file in folder specifically not to change the creation date.

      So I used applescript inside javascript. But it throws the error




      var myFolder = Folder.selectDialog("Choose the Folder");

      var myFile = File.openDialog("Choose the File");


      var myAppleScript = 'tell application "Finder"\r';

      myAppleScript += 'copy file '+ myFile+ ' to folder ' + myFolder +'\r';

      myAppleScript += 'end tell\r';



      app.doScript(myAppleScript, ScriptLanguage.applescriptLanguage);



      Screen shot 2014-03-13 at 3.17.25 PM.png



      Please correct me....





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          zeRafio Level 1

          Why declaring the variables in Java?

          Do it in your Applescript, if i'ts possible.


          set myFolder to (choose folder) as alias
          set myFile to (choose file) as alias
          tell application "Finder"
            duplicate myFile to myFolder
          end tell



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            Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

            A few years ago I wrote a Move File function for my Package for Archive script. It works bith for Mac (AS) and PC (VB).


            Unlike AS or VB, JS has no move method for file object — a workaround is to first copy a file and then remove the original. But this approach has a shortcoming: files loose their original creation and modification dates, labels, etc. This function uses native AS or  VB Move command/method depending on the platform the script is run, thus preserving this information.

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              Mahesh_JW Level 1

              Hi All,


              this is my actual code:

              why i am going to apple script for copy the files is

              1. do not modify the creation time and date

              2. InputFolder contains minimum 50,000 files so in applescript its getting timeout problem


              thats why i am using applescript inside javascript.  but it is throwing the error



              Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 11.39.01 AM.png


              var InputFolder;

              var OutputFolder;

              var RuleFile;


              var InputFiles;

              var Rules1 = [];


              InputFolder = Folder.selectDialog("Choose the Input Folder");

              RuleFile = File.openDialog("Choose CSV File ");

              OutputFolder = Folder.selectDialog("Choose the Output Folder");


              InputFiles = get_File(InputFolder,[],'.*');



              for(var j=0;j<Rules1.length;j++){

                  var csv_File_name = Rules1[j][0].toString();

                  var matchFLG = false;


                  for(var i=0;i<InputFiles.length;i++){

                      var source_File = InputFiles[i];

                      var inPath_File_name = InputFiles[i].name.toString();


                      if(csv_File_name == inPath_File_name){

                           matchFLG = true;


                          var myAppleScript = "tell application \"Finder\"\r";

                          myAppleScript +="copy file \(" + source_File + " as string\) to folder \(" + OutputFolder.fsName +" as string\)\r";

                          myAppleScript += "end tell\r";

                          app.doScript(myAppleScript, 1095978087);    //ScriptLanguage.APPLESCRIPT_LANGUAGE






                   if(matchFLG == false){

                      ReportStr += "\n" + csv_File_or_Folder_name + ",Not Available";




              if(ReportStr != ""){   

                  var f = new File(OutputFolder+"Report.csv");


                  f.write("CSV Input Name,Error\n");





              alert("Process Completed");


              function GettingInputFromCSV(fs){

                  var LineCount = 0;

                  var yRead = fs.open("r",undefined,undefined);


                  //-------- heading

                  var zRead = fs.readln();

                  //-------- heading


                  while(fs.eof == false){

                      zRead =fs.readln();

                      if(zRead.length != 0){

                          Rules1[LineCount] = zRead.split(",");









              function get_File(dir,my_arr,extension){

                  var f = Folder( dir ).getFiles();

                  for( var ifil = 0; ifil < f.length; ifil++){

                      var mystr=f[ifil]+"";

                      var aa=mystr.match(/\/[.].*/)    //avoid hidden files and folders

                      var bb=mystr.match(/[_]VUC69~7/)

                      var cc=mystr.match(/DS[_]Store/)


                      if( f[ifil] instanceof Folder){

                          if((aa==null) && (cc==null)){

                              get_File( f[ifil],my_arr,extension)




                      if(aa==null && bb==null && cc==null){




                          else if( f[ifil].name.substr( -extension.length ) == extension ){






                  return my_arr;


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                Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

                1) Did you try to use my function?

                2) I can't test your code because don't have access to a Mac at the moment.

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                  Trevorׅ Adobe Community Professional

                  Hi Kasyan,


                  I have tried your function on Maverics and it didn't work

                  So I rewrote it and this works








                  function MoveFile(myFile, myFolder) {
                      if (!myFile instanceof File || !myFolder instanceof Folder || !myFile.exists || !myFolder.exists) return false;
                      var myMovedFile = new File(myFolder.absoluteURI + "/" + myFile.name);
                      if (myMovedFile.exists) return false;
                      if (File.fs == "Windows")  {
                          var myVbScript = 'Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")\r';
                          myVbScript +=  'fs.MoveFile "' + myFile.fsName + '", "' + myFolder.fsName + '\\"';
                          app.doScript(myVbScript, ScriptLanguage.visualBasic);
                      else if (File.fs == "Macintosh") {
                          var myAppleScript = 
                          'tell application "Finder"\r' +
                          'move POSIX file "' + myFile.fsName + '"  to POSIX file "' + myFolder.fsName + '" with replacing\r' +
                          'end tell\r'
                          app.doScript(myAppleScript, ScriptLanguage.applescriptLanguage);
                      if (myMovedFile.exists) {
                          return true;
                      else {
                          return false;
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                    Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

                    Thank you, Trevor.

                    I regularly use the script for archiving the last issue of our magazine and it work for me without any problems.

                    Anyway, your version is much more elegant so I decided to borrow it for my script.