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    Cropping full page in InDesign


      Hi everyone,


      I am new to InDesign, and have a question about cropping.


      I have created a page/layout that includes an image, text, and series of triangular shapes. Due to the angle of the triangles, and the size I need on the cover, part of the shape extends past the page border. I cannot resize the shape to end at the page border, as this affects the angles I need. When I preview the image, things look great, with clean borders, but in normal view, it's a big old mess. This wouldn't matter, except I am making a document template for others to use. I would like to clean-up the parts of the layout that extend outside of the page, so it appears in normal view as it does in preview.


      If I were working in Photoshop, I could simply use the crop tool, drag it to the shape of the page, and crop out the extra bits. Because I cannot do that in InDesign, I am unsure how to make this happen. I have tried Scissors, but it creates some jagged looking cuts on the triangles. I have been asked to work in InDesign, or else I would use a program more familiar to me.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thank you,