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    xbytor2 Level 4

      After three days, I am finally able login to Adobe on someone else's computer. I was trying to respond to a post and hit a wall. Again. That's when I wrote up this rant.





      I cannot login to Adobe Forums with Firefox, Chrome, or IE on Win7. It was sad when the only browser was IE, but now IE doesn't even work.


      I am done, absolutely done with supporting Adobe in anyway whatsoever. I should not have to try so hard just to log in. If anyone needs to reach me, you know how to find me. I am fed up with the Forums UI (NNTP ruleZ dudez!!!). I don't even know if this email response will work (it didn't for several days). And while I'm at it, the whole CC licensing crap sucks. I'm sticking to CS6. I don't care about any Cloud crap. I'm a photographer and jsx scripter.  I don't need the latest filter or brush or cloud stuff. I just need a PS without the (jsx, etc...) bugs that I've had to deal with for unending years.



      To all of my friends and acquaintances at Adobe and elsewhere, consider this my notice of permanent retirement. I'll lock up revs of PS in some VMs so I can support myself and others, but for the general community, I bid thee farewell.





      I'll provide ongoing limited support for xtools, CSX, Contact Sheet II, and Image Processor Pro, but that's it.

      Time to watch all 199 MST3K episodes again or something.




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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you do vanish, I - along with many others - will sorely miss you.  I can't tell you how many times you're helped me!!!  Best wishes on whatever you plan to do and on your health.



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            Muppet Mark Level 5

            Ditto here...


            A great help even to the most trying...


            Paul went back to the darkroom and


            I've never heard from him since...


            CC ( creative community ) is dead..


            Long live...


            CC ( cash cow )

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Sad sad sad

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                Cozmicone Level 4

                If you're unable to access the Adobe forums from any browser on your computer, but you can access the forums from someone else's computer, why do you think the problem is with the forums and not something on your computer?

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                  c.pfaffenbichler Level 9


                  I hope you may come to reconsider the decision but no matter what, the help and advice you have provided for years has been a treasure for this and other Fora.


                  And while I'm at it, the whole CC licensing crap sucks.

                  The argument could be better argued, but generally speaking: I concur.

                  I have difficulties imagining that Cloud Licenses could in the long run be to the benefit of the users, so I also predominantly work with CS6.


                  Thanks and best of luck!

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                    Pedro Cortez Marques Level 3

                    And the corporate Adobe clients are very concerned about this lack of support.


                    We have a corporate account and more then 60 / 70 licenses.

                    We do not need cloud add-on and we are using CS6 and our scripts are crucial.

                    More then 70% of the help I had was not leaded by Adobe staff.

                    I do believe on open-source scripts and we all can benefit at. If was not like that, we still were on 10% of our actual productivity and also our competitors ( that I do not fear because I'm confident on our capabilities).


                    The important is us all (Adobe, companies and photographers and all you guys) getting access to higher levels and faster, booster everyone collaboration.

                    I wanted so much to have more time to give all you guys at least as much as you all gave me, but I have to deal with every day pressure work. I do it from time to time, helping someone.



                    CC politics is slowly becoming disconnected or even adverse to any kind of independent scriptwriters and paradoxically, if it continues like this, to the native creative concept itself and Adobe can't figure out that because is too concerned by the noise it is making.


                    "If you want to become larger then the universe, be silent and disappear in your effort to give space to others. Then you'll realize that you are the greatest of all because you lead the way to others!"

                    Adobe does not understand life itself (that's in fact what cloud concept is about). The cloud concept is great, but it depends on how we put it into action.

                    Not like this. Its ridiculous.


                    Adobe is learning and is making mistakes and should be able to show to us the inner people there giving us commitment, trust, and respect.

                    Let's hope that we help each other and please, Adobe do not continuously trample us with your big shoes.

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                      W_J_T Level 4

                      xbytor2 wrote:


                      the whole CC licensing crap sucks.




                      Also, whether you're coming or going, thanks for your efforts and contributions over the years to the community and at large elsewhere with your efforts.

                      Pedro Marques wrote:


                      Adobe is learning and is making mistakes


                      Concerning the Creative Cloud, I do not believe they have "learned" or considered anything in way of customer concerns. But they are surely making mistakes from the onset concerning the Creative Cloud mirage while screwing their customer base without any care throughout the process. They even admitted as much when they said they would lose customers and thusly could basically care less as they went Cloud only. Which is a joke in itself if they truly think that their offering is even remotely based on true cloud computing (the software could run/license perpetually and they know it), nice buzz word though I guess for marketing. Which seems to be their top echelon of concerns when peddling their propaganda to the masses above all else.


                      Concerning propaganda and controlled message, Adobe even took it upon themselves to rework the Creative Cloud forum so this 41+ page thread and a few others would no onger be listed as #1 on the side bar.


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                        Pedro Cortez Marques Level 3

                        I may be wrong but I believe that if we get a wider view of the problem, we need to get some distance and look to the past years.



                        1. adobe looses the battle to apple/google on 2012 and is forced to abandon flash on devices;
                        2. the consequences would force adobe giving up on years and years of having people working on apps intern improvement to get all the people and new people to work on the new direction of developing on apps external connection improvement (CC).



                        I think Adobe knew from the begining that a bunch of good custumers a collaborators would go some where else and would be disapointed. And here we are crying like babies :-)



                        If I want to blame someone, I do blame what (not someone):

                        - why can't devices have much more power life-time batteries (the main reason to avoid flash on devices). Shame on you batteries !

                        - why html5 was not adopted from the begining on CS6? Steve Jobs is laugthing out there !



                        On resume, we can't avoid the next milleniums generation to overcome and work as they like, make mistakes as they like, because we need them to survive. Its the exciting reality. Let's take advantage of that even if it is aparently wrong at our eyes. Time is there to overcome and the true of mistakes will be clear as the sun in the history future books.

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                          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                          Pedro Marques wrote:


                          I may be wrong but I believe that if we get a wider view of the problem, we need to get some distance and look to the past years.

                          I think you need to look closer distance is not needed. Simply put the current state of Photoshop is the result of Adobe's Management actions.

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                            Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            X, I'm not sure if you are looking at these post, but I ran across an old post you made on ps-scripts.  In that post someone was trying to understand action manager code, and you replied that outside of Adobe, you maybe or are the most knowledgable person on this subject.  I would agree with that and might add that you might know more than most at Adobe, and that might be part of the problem.  With Adobe trying to direct cost to areas of most use, there maybe few if any engineers who fully understand extendscript as you do, and thus few may be able to fix the bugs or make improvements.  I'm sure people like Tom Ruark and Jeffrey Tranberry are well up there with knowledge about extendscript, but I doubt that they're doing any coding improvements to it.  Just the fact that you wrote many of the packaged scripts for PS shows that you may be the most knowledgable.  So perhaps much of your and others' frustration with Extendscript boils down to no one at Adobe having the knowledge that you do.  Of course, this is just my wild guess at the problem, and I don't know if there can be any resolution to this issue that would satisfy everyone.

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                              Pedro Cortez Marques Level 3

                              I think some people at Adobe new management is ignoring this kind of situation.

                              They think people like xbutor2 has become the "Brilliant Jerk" of the community and they are happily ignoring it.



                              My problem stands up and CC has not give me any solution yet.

                              For a network offline integrated image production, were teams must be integrated on a script network, CC did not give any solution until now.



                              Expecting that collateral teams of photoshop editors - that don't work on web, only on files on network - would be able to create/integrate their own plugins created by a dev team that many times don't know what really is photoshop or SCRaw edition, is the same as to put the São Pedro cathedral inside my car. It simple not happen.



                              We have more then 70 code engineers in the company and any of our bridge/photoshop code was written by any of them.

                              Its too specific for them and it is not attractive as a career progression of an engineer.

                              So, the people like me that only know how to code fast and with a deep knowledge of photoshop and cameraraw, don't have the basis to be able to create flex plugins, or even html5.

                              A plugin is built to be a closed object that needs to be installed by every single PC each time we change a line code.



                              With only javascript and scriptUI I'am doing that without the need of installation of plugins and with no administrator rights.



                              Creative cloud is for creators, but the rest of us?

                              Are we only a few?



                              I leave you with this article regarding what is a Brilliant J.:

                              http://boss.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/09/26/what-do-you-do-with-the-brilliant-jerk/?_php=true &_type=blogs&_r=0



                              And this is what I think Adobe is doing with some of the 'experts':


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                                Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                Interesting article and funny video.  While I think the Brilliant J might have a lot of validity, I kept thinkging of Steve Jobs while reading that.

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                                  Pedro Cortez Marques Level 3

                                  I agree.


                                  That's the most difficult task for todays management:

                                  Be capable of distinguish a 'Brilliant J.' and 'The Brilliant J.'


                                  Keep only the second :-)


                                  I just hope Adobe become wise enough to keep the best of the best Brilliant J.s