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    Why can't I import my full AVI file?

    Darryl Goat Guy Level 1

      So I'm trying to import files from Camtasia into Premiere Pro.


      So I have a 14 minute long clip I want to import into Premiere Pro. The video codec is TechSmith Screen Capture Codec. File type is AVI


      Basically I import the file into premiere pro and the clip is only 23:25 that is 23 seconds long. I really have no idea why this is because if I open the file in windows media player it recognizews the full 14 minutes. Even within Premiere pro when I look for info on the original file it says it is 14 minutes so why can I only work with 23:25?


      I have exported the same file twice out of Camtasia to test a bad export and the same result. It's weird since I have done this before in Camtasia and been fine.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.