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    RAM-usage explodes


      Hello everyone,


      I make fractal videos, which are entirely computer-generated videos. I have been working with lossless uncompressed AVI files for a long time and it was never a problem. Now I decided to try the lagarith codec for lossless compression because I thought having the footage compressed would have several benefits. Right now I have 287.5 GB of compressed lossless AVI files. They're all 3-second clips with variable size around 1,7 GB each. The resolution is 2880×1620 with a framerate of 60 fps. Unfortunately this doesn't work with After FX for some reason.


      When I tried to import the files, RAM-usage exploded and I had to shut down After FX. I have the preference set to leave 6 GB of RAM for other applications, but that setting is apparently completely ignored here. To find where it goes wrong I made a new project and imported one single such file, and another one, and another few. I noticed that the RAM-usage of After FX increases by about as much as the sizes of my files. It seems as if the whole files are being stored in RAM, which is impossible to do for 287,5 GB of files. When only a few files are imported, After FX recognizes the contents correctly and I'm able to work with them.


      Just to be sure, I created a few "normal" lossless uncompressed AVI files and they can be imported without any memory problems.


      The version I'm using is CS 5.5.