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    Need help flash mx game dosn't work

      The problem is that the game does not go to the next level when the score equals 50. It looks like the code is correct but it doesnt seem to work. need help thx please reply asap as I need this for school.

      link to game: http://files-upload.com/271860/unit14v12mine.fla.html

      Look at the bottom, you need to wait 30 seconds before you can download then click the download link

      i don't know if there are any other problems =(
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          Level 7
          First of all, not many people are going to download and fix your game for
          you. Ask specific questions and you'll likely get good answers. I actually
          did dl your game, just to have a quick look but your code is just too messy
          to do anything with. Sorry. Couple things I'd mention though - you have
          things like:

          var score = 0;
          if (_root.score >= 50){

          If you type score on one line why do you put _root.score on the next? You
          really should not use _root - use thing like this._parent if you want to
          move to a higher level in the hierarchy. In your case you don't need _root
          at all, since all your code is on _root. Also, if your code isn't working,
          it isn't going to work by placing the same code on 10 different frames, next
          to each other. And all your code should be in the same layer - not spread
          around all over. That just makes it unorganized and difficult for anyone to
          look at - including yourself after a few weeks of not being in it.

          Good luck.

          Dave -
          Head Developer
          Adobe Community Expert