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    TOC Entry Formatting Error

    Jack Level 1

      Worked through the online help at http://help.adobe.com/en_US/indesign/cs/etc., and all has fallen into place except for the formatting of the entries within the table of contents itself.


      There are two levels of main text: chapter and section. Each has its own style. There is a separate style of TOC entry for each level. In Layout | TOC table, each entry style is selected for the respective level in "Include Paragraph Styles".


      In the actual table of contents, the entry is shown formatted according to the main text level rather than the entry style, except for one section header, whose TOC entry is formatted correctly. All other section headings are formatted the same. I xcannot detect any difference in the way that individual heading is formatted.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          If you actually assigned the correct paragraph style to the entry (in the Style: dropdown below the list of included styles -- you need to select each included style in the list, then assign a style from the dropdown) it most likely means there is a character style or local foramtting override assigned to the whole paragraph.

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            Jack Level 1

            First TOC level's text paragraph style is stTOC1. That style has an alignment of "centered", a font and a size, nothing more. There are no superseding formatting commands, to my knowledge.


            The corresponding paragaraph style of the entry in the table of contents ("Entry Style") is specified in the style box below the box, "Styles in Table of Contents". Style stTOC1 has Entry Style tocEntry1, etc.


            Sill mystified by this.


            A copy was made of this 50-pg draft of a book of photos.Copy was stripped of all images and reduced to 13 pages, with TOC intace but hardlyany text. Resulting file still occupies nearly 900 MB on HDD. Would like to post on web site for review by Forum members, to determine error in paragraph formatting.


            Any further ideas appreciated.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              ALL paragraph styles have font family, size/weight/style and glyph color information as well as alignment, indent and leading specs.


              If the text doesn't match the specs defined in the style it  has to be because the paragraph style is being superceded. The two ways that can happen are by applying character styles or by applying local formatting. Those superceding specifications can be applied in the body of the document (they carry through intp the TOC) or only in the TOC, but that would require intervention in the TOC and you ought to know if you did that.



              900 mb is very large for a .indd. When was the last time you did a Save AS?  You can also try a trip through .idml (see Remove minor corruption by exporting). Typically files of this size are full of pasted content, usually vectors.

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                Jack Level 1

                stTOC2 is based on stTOC1 and not further modified.


                stTOC1 is based on nothing and has a font, size, laeding and aligning.


                Both styles are then used as chapter and section titles without further modifications.

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                  Jack Level 1

                  Idml export reduced file size to 1.3 MB.


                  I have been copying and pasting 300-dpi jpg images into my document. Is it better to insert the file instead? OTOH, first saving the jpg is slightly less convenient, and idml export is easly enough, unless there are other good reasons why that is inadviseable.


                  Test document showing TOC issue is available at http://enwphotos.com/books/tocTest.indd.



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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    Pasting jpegs gets you only the previews. You should ALWAYS use File > Place for raster images. Pasting simple paths from Illustraotroi can giv eyou editable paths in ID, but in my experience the convenience of editablility inside ID is always outweighed by the lack of re-usability so I generally use File > Place for vector content as well.

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      Your link is trowing a 404 error...

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                        Jack Level 1

                        Sorry, thought I had corrected that...should be http://enwphotos.com/Books/tocTest.indd

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                          Jack Level 1

                          It is not for editing, but for submission to a commercial printer to be made into a book.


                          What I'm taking away from this discussion is that, to insure quality, I should redo all images using 'Place' instead of 'Paste'. Please confirm.

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                            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                            Jack Cane wrote:

                            What I'm taking away from this discussion is that, to insure quality, I should redo all images using 'Place' instead of 'Paste'. Please confirm.

                            That's correct.


                            Now about your TOC problem....


                            Every single bit of text in that test file has both a paragraph style and a charcter style applied, and in some cases a local override as well. This tells me that you really don't understand how styles are used in ID. All text is auotmaitcally styled with a paragraph style (Basic Paragraph if you don't designate something else). This paragraph style should set the specifications COMPLETELY for how paragraphs of that type should look so that no further modifications need to be made. If you need another "look" for a different paragraph, you define another style. You can base one style on another, and those arrtibutes that are not changed will update if you edit the base style.


                            Character styles are used to change the appearance of "special case" text within a larger paragraph, not to define the way an entire paragraph should appear (see above). Character styles are not considered "overrides" of paragraph style formatting, so they are not automatically removed when you change paragraph styles, even if you choose to remove overrides. This is the problem in your TOC -- the correct paragraph styles are being assigned, but because the text being picked up carries character styles, those character styles are still being applied in the TOC, and in some cases local formatting is being picked up as well (you'll see the telltale + after a stylename when that happens).


                            Bottom line, you need to remove the character styles and local formatting from the paragraphs in the book, and then the TOC should format correctly.

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                              Jack Level 1

                              Removed all character styles.


                              Section title entries in TOC are all still formatted like the actual titles. This I guess implies some local formatting, or superseding, section title formatting. How does one find those superseding format commands? Everything I have examined looks clean.


                              Could you please show me where to look, to clean up the rest of the errors.


                              ================== IDML jpg Process =============


                              After exporting to idml and re-saving as indd the file size is down to 12 MB.


                              While saving idml to indd the system appeared to rework all images: place, create preview and write jpg. So now, I'm wondering it I have to go back now and repeat the process for 50+ jpg files.


                              Now the

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                                Jack Level 1

                                Correction: something finally caught up with itself in my document. All TOC entries are now formatted correctly.


                                Thanks for your export support, as always.

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                                  Jack Level 1

                                  Spoke too soon. Updated table of contents, and the formatting errors returned.


                                  First-level (chapter) title TOC entris are OK, sedinc level (section) title TOC entries paint like the actual titles.


                                  Where should I look for the errors? So far, I have not been able to find them.

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                                    Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                                    When you have deleted the Character styles, die you remove all overrides? Because overrides are also superseded in the TOC.

                                    Select all text and in Paragraph Style panel flyout menu choose Remove Overrides to the text. Then rebuild the TOC.

                                    But it might happen that you have to redefine your Paragraph Styles because you did not work correctly with them.



                                    /// You should also work with layers and put the page number on the top level layer, otherwise you would cover your page numbers.