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    xrum Level 2
      hi :)
      i am trying to create a front end app, that would let a user add
      "first", "last", "middle" names to a pre-existing list.
      I'm not using a database. just a xml for now. i would like to make it as simple as possible, thus i'm still learning all this.

      If i was to write all this information to a file(instaed of keeping it in my CData), will i then be then able to populate my List with it?

      is it even possible? or am i looking at this in the completly wrong direction?
      if anyone can suggest a better solution, i'm all ears :)

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          If you want save something from Flash/Flex you will have to need some middle layer (it can be php script, java script...) on your server. Flex/Flash is not able save files. For small things you can use "Flash cookies" - for more info look for SharedObject in help.