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    footnote and big table on same page

    Fritschy Level 1

      (InDesign CS6, Windows 7)

      Yesterday I moved a big part of text in a book to another place, and Indesign immediately stopped working. I tried a lot of things trying to make it work, like copying the text to Word, make the change there, and reimport it into Indesign, without success.

      Because the book contains a lot of footnotes, I tried importing it without footnotes, and that was possible. Then I imported it in a bigger page (A4 instead of 170/240 mm) with footnotes, and that was also possible. So the problem had something to do with something too big for a page that also had footnotes on it.

      I noticed a footnote in the line above a large table (not in the table). In the style definition of this line (the table caption) 'keep with next line' was set to 'on'. After deleting this footnote (in Word), the problem was solved; except for the missing footnote. Changing the style also worked.

      I seems that when Indesign is in the process of composing the pages, it can't break a table across pages as well as place a footnote on that page, if that footnote is in a line with 'keep with next'. There's only a problem when all three elements are there.

      It doesn't look like something that will happen regularly, but It took me half a day to figure out what was going on (and it was a showstopper for this project).


      My question: is this a known problem? Is there any logic in it?


      In any case, be warned.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Was there  sufficient space on the page for the caption, at least one full body row (ID will not split a row if the cells are deep) and any header rows, AND the footnote? In the Keep Option, was it set to keep with more than one line (a table would be considered a single line, I think, for keeps, so even if there's room for part of the table, you might need room for all of it), was it also set to keep with previous, or the previous paragraph set to keep with next?


          Keep options can easily cause oversets when there is no way to resolve a conflict in the rules.

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            Fritschy Level 1

            Yes, there was sufficient space for several rows, as far as I can see. At least, in the result after I solved the problem (now by making a paragraph override not keeping the table heading together with the next line) there are several lines plus the footnote. The keep option was set to one line, and not to keep with the previous line.

            So, in combination with a table breaking over pages, keep with next is no problem, and footnote is no problem, but combined, there is a problem.

            Even when there wouldn't be enough place left on the page, you would expect Indesign to just move header, footnote and table to the next page. They all were on the same page before I started shifting text (by chance). By the way, the table only just didn't have to break then.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Indeed, that's exactly what I would expect if there was enough space for the heading, table and footnote. You should file a bug report: Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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                Fritschy Level 1

                I've just done so. Thanks for your time.