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    Clipping mask question 2.


      Hello, so about a week ago I was having some trouble with my clipping mask I had posted a question Here about it. Over the week I believe i see what the problem maybe but i do not  know how to fix it (once again) This is what I mean:





      As you can see in the image above, there are little pixels around the image after i finished coloring and erasing my mess. (i used a wacom tablet to do this by the way.)




      In this image I created a clipping mask over the image above and i began "shading." But the color went over once again. I Believe it has something to do with those little pixels.


      May someone please help me by telling me why those little pixels are There and how i can get rid of them. Also If you have an idea at why the mask is not working also let me know as well

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          I suspect you are flat out going about things in the wrong way.  I can't see reason you'd need or want to clip layers to achieve what you are doing.  The spill is probably anti-aliasing from the brush or erasor.  Niether tend to achieve 100% coverage with one pass. 


          Rather an use the erasor,  much better to make a selection and add a layer mask.  This will produce a hard edged editable layer. 


          Try drawing your lines on a roughing out layer, and then colouring on an underlying layer using different layers for each colour.  When done, Ctrl (Cmd) click the colour fill layer which will load its outline as a selection.  You can then go Edit > Stroke with black on a new layer higher up the stack.

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            lloren Level 1

            Yeah thats probally it, im still a beginner haha so i probally was going the wrong way about things I probaly will use the layer mask in the end, it was just i thought a clipping mask was easier but i guess i was doing something wrong Thankyou this was very helpful