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    Creating shapes using SetEntirePath


      Hi guys,


      I've been trying unsuccessfully to create lines using data from Excel by using the SetEntirePath method. I just cannot figure out the correct syntax.


      The template I was starting from is this Excel VBA macro:

      Sub generateshape()
          Dim iapp As New Illustrator.Application
          Dim idoc As Illustrator.Document

          Dim isquare As Illustrator.PathItem

          Set idoc = iapp.ActiveDocument

          Set isquare = idoc.PathItems.Rectangle(200, 200, 100, 100)
          Set isquare = Nothing
          Set idoc = Nothing
          Set iapp = Nothing

      End Sub


      But I don't want to create a square but simply a line by using data from cells in Excel. How do I do that? I always get an "argument is not optional" error when using for example:

      Dim ipath As Illustrator.PathItem


      Set ipath.SetEntirePath = ([[0, 0], [100, 100]])