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    How do I get a gate to swing open?

    Chiggly Wigs

      I have designed a gate in Illustrator and would like to be able to swing it open inwards. It will be used as a button effect later on.
      I have the Adobe Creative Cloud Apps and would like to know which will be the best program to use and how to create the open gate effect.


      Kind regards,


      Rochelle Lloyd

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          TimJaramillo Level 4

          Hi Chiggly,


          Assuming you are building this for the web, this is definitely doable in Edge Animate. In order to create a 'swinging gate' effect, you can use a combination of skew Y and scale X to mimc a 3D swinging effect. You'll need to set the OriginX prop to be at 0% (assuming it's swinging from the left side).





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