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    how I get one-on-one support?


      the Adobe FformsCentral  pricing page specifically makes mention of 1 on 1  support.  I paid my money how I get some help?  Please don't tell me it's through forum.  By definition that is not one-on-one.

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          There are basically three methods you can use for support.


          • Forums: The FormsCentral engineering team monitors this forum daily and we work 1-on-1 with customers all the time, when you post here we'll respond and assist.
          • Email: Emails to formscentral_feedback@adobe.com also come to the FormsCentral engineering team and someone will respond there to assist as well.
          • Phone/chat: There are the traditional Adobe Support channels using the Phone or Chat methods provided through the support links but those do not get to the engineering team and we'd recommend using one of the above methods for this product.