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    IE Pop-up Blocker activates on Webhelp, Webhelp Pro

    charlesarnold Level 1

      Recently acquired RoboHelp Pro to migrate MS Word docs to an on-line format. The corp IT environment does not allow local admin permission for users. We installed the application w/admin rights, and then returned the log-in to normal access.

      I have been testing the tutorial (Destinations). When I view the output in IE (6.0 SP2), the pop-up blocker activates. It does not activate with the SS layout is Microsoft HTML Help. It affects WebHelp and WebHelp Pro. I have tried to change the Active X controls in IE, and add the start file to the Trusted Sites.

      I can "allow Active X content from this site", and display the top window, but have to repeat every time the file loads. The left navigation window displays without problems.

      Has anyone experienced similar issues? Any suggestions?


      Charles Arnold
      Technical Writer