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    Going back to initial state of the slide



      this is probably a very simple question but I'm a beginner to Captivate and somehow cannot find the solution in the basic tutorials.


      I want to create a few slides with buttons on them. The buttons will activate various pop-ups, show/hide images and apply some image effects.

      I would also like to use my own navigation buttons so that the user can freely go to the next/previous slide (and maybe also to any slide from each of them).

      What I would like to do is to "reset" each slide whenever the user decides to go back to it.

      Now when I click a go back to previous slide button I get the "final" state of the slide, the way I left it and I need it to reset to its initial state - so all the above mentioned advanced actions (showing images and po-pups) can be triggered again with the buttons.


      Does the navigation button has to execute advanced actions that will clear the slide again or should that be done in a simplier way? I would appreciate any help on that.