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    Since my last update the rendering of the preview pics changed badly - how can i solve that?

    karl der suchende Level 1

      PS CC said there was an update, I should have ignored it. I cant open 16 bit as smart objects from camera raw, because ps will crash then a few minutes later. OK, I dont open smart objects anymore. But also the preview of the pics look weird, too contrasty and with moirée. Only if i am close to 50 or 100% view it turs ok, in 8 to 12 % which is the normal working view to see the full picture it is useless. The pic shows what i mean. It shows the same pic, left on my new, fast computer and on the right on my old computer. On the old it renders nicely, on the new computer there is moirée and pixels in high contrast. I compared all settings from both, i updated the videocard drivers, I uninstalled PS CC and reinstalled it, but no change... The pic is fine when saved but it is hard to edit it when it looks so weird. How can i solve that?


      Monitorvergleich PS CC.jpg