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    Balance Columns not working with Span-Columns Headings.

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      I am in the process of finishing a 112-page document, set in double columns. My Level 2 Heading style spans all columns (Level 1 is the chapter title). Level 3 and 4 Headings reside entirely within the column. Everything was looking good until I got to the end. I had unbalanced columns as shown here:


      You can see the unbalanced column on the top right page. Also note that Level 2 Heading spanning the columns. OK, the obvious think to do is select the text frame on that page, right-click, Text Frame Options, > check Balance Columns. Did so, but this is what I got:


      OK, it did balance the columns. But even though there was room on this page, it insisted on moving it to the next free page (creating a new page, actually). Hmph. Yes, I can select that last page's text frame, and again select Balance Columns. This is what I get:


      OK, so I got my balanced columns, but only by spreading the text across two pages, creating another page I don't need. I just want to balance those last columns. I can't see how this can be classed as a feature, so I guess it must be a bug. Can anyone think of a workaround? (P.S. I would rather have my text fit to the grid rather than be perfectly balanced, so I'm happy with the slightly irregular "balanced" columns that result.)


      Thanks for your thoughts.

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          Update: I just moved that big text frame from the bottom left to the bottom right and see what I got. Not what I want, but interesting all the same:


          And if I move that big box back to the left:


          And now if I go to the Page Palette and delete that last page:


          There was another option I was thinking about but haven't tried: selecting the text frame on that bottom left page, the one under that big tinted text frame, and setting that to Balance Columns. But what I tried worked.

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            Warning! Do not try this at home!


            The document I am working on is 112 pages, lots of illustrations, fair number of footnotes, and my Level 2 Headings span both columns.


            As I was playing around with Balance Columns, I made a terrible mistake. I went into my Master Pages, clicked on the text boxes on each of the two pages, right-clicked, and selected Balance Columns. I then reapplied these masters to my whole document.


            Bad, Bad, Bad!


            After this, about half of my edits would crash InDesign cc solid. Adding footnotes without a crash was impossible, but half the time I simply made a text edit, or moved a graphic, it would crash.


            Over the past couple of days I have had about 40-50 InDesign crashes. (Good job on recovering most of my work, though; good job, InDesign developers!)


            After changing the text boxes on my master pages to not balance columns, and reapplying, InDesign seems much more stable.