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    Flash Timeline Animation to Edge Animate CC?


      I have a client with an old Flash CS4 Presentation file that uses Forms and Slides and they want to update their presentation to HTML. I am not concerned about the presentation functionality or shell as my developer will create a new one... But, the presentation contains a bunch of timeline animations that demo their product.


      I don't want to export the animations out using the Canvas tag, or as a movie or image sequence.


      I am new to Edge, but I am thinking this is the solution for the animations.


      Is there a way to export/import these Flash timeline animations into Edge? Or even, at the very least, import the assets into Edge?




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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What kind of animations do you have? If you have scenes in Flash you can reproduce that in Edge Animate with symbols. For small animations like a runner for example you can create a spritesheet with Flash and use it in Animate. You will have to use the clip tool and display on/off to set it up. Rigth now it takes several tools to go from Flash to Animate but Animate is quite adequate to reproduce what was done in Flash.

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