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    File structure is a real pain when supplying files to other developers!


      Does anybody have an easy way to supply files to other developers without them having to change loads of file and image paths?


      I use Edge Animate to create banner ads for clients. I want to be able to supply the client with the published folder, which they supply to their developers who should be able to put the folder anywhere they choose - almost always not the root (expecting folks to dump all the edge files in the site root is unrealistic, also what if there are multiple edge ads on one page? They need to be in sub-folders).


      At the very most, I should just be able to tell them to add the <div> wherever they want the ads to appear, then link up the edgePreload.js script to from wherever they chose to put it, and it should work?


      I need an easier way to do this please! Let me know if anybody has a solution.