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    Adobe Photoshop CC has trouble rendering picture

    stiv2 Level 1

      I am running windows 7 64 bit and Photoshop CC 64 Bit.   After upgrading from PS CS6 to PS CC I have encountered issues with Photoshop CC correctly rendering pictures that worked just fine in CS6.  The issue appears to be in how I have my graphics card set up in preferences.  I have a Radeon HD 7770.    The Adobe web site says this card is Supported.  The problem is intermittent.  Out of 10 times I open the same picture 60% of the file openings will not be rendered correctly.  The issue shows as black grouping of pixels in various locations of the picture.  Under the preferences option in the performance window I typically have run with the Advanced option set.  I backed off to Normal but the issue continued.  I then changed the option to Basic and the issue occurs less frequently.  After a lengthy discussion with Adobe support they said I needed to change my graphic card.  This is an expensive solution.  Is a new graphic card my only option?