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    Problems with hitTest

      This code is for a game of naughts and crosses. I am having a problem with the hitTest. Imagine the top row is complete with 3 "0"'s the middle row is full with 3 "x"s and then one "x" or an "o" is placed on the final row. The code is checking for matching rows horizonatally, vertically and diagnonally. Now the problem i am having is as follows.

      If i fill the grid with "o"s it works fine detecting like it should, the same when filled with "x"s. If like mentioned above there is a row of "o"s and a row of "x"s and one more x or o is placed on the last row then the code still give a point at random even though a ful row of x or o has not been made. instead a mixed row of x and o is present.

      please help.