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    Links to Files

      Hi all,

      I have created links to PDF and DOC files, but cannot not get them to open properly. If I right click and save the target as, it works, but I cannot view the files in the same window or a new window. This is true whether or not the file is in the baggage file or not, I have tried several ways.

      If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.

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          Hi Sean and welcome to the forums. It might be more helpful to let us know more precisely what you have tried. Commonly, one opens .doc and .pdf files in their own application window with a shortcut control (documented in the RoboHelp help) or in the help browser window with the parser function Microsoft provided (documented in Microsoft's Help Workshop help). Let us know what you would like to do. Also, will these files be compiled into the help or be external files. You would want them as external files if they may be edited apart from the help.

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            cadoublef Level 1
            Thanks John for the quick reply,

            I will try to make it as clear as I can, but a lot of this program goes over my head. I am essentially using it for the basics.

            I am trying to create a link to external files, except these files are not on the internet, but rather located in the C drive. I am positive everyone in my company will have the files at the same location on their C drive, so the link should work no problem. It is important to note here that at first I could not figure out how to create a link to the C drive that would work. It would force me to either import my file into the baggage file or else the link wouldn't work. I read in another forum that the way to circumvent this is to actually copy and paste the path into the TrueCode myself, which I have been doing.

            Once I have created my link and pasted the correct path into the TrueCode tab, I generally use the generate primary layout button. I use this to view my result. What happens is that the link seemingly works correctly, in that I can look at properties and see the correct path, or I can right click and save the file. It does not work correctly in the fact that I cannot click on the link to open the file in that window (or any window for that matter, I have set it to pop-up in new window as well).

            To further baffle me, I went back to the script in the TrueCode tab and copied the entire script. I took that script and pasted into notepad and saved it as an html file. By doing this it allowed me to click on the link and open it in the same window.

            Not sure if it is important, but I have been trying to create a flash help pro version, I believe. Hopefully this is detailed enough to at least stimulate some ideas.

            Best Regards,

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              cadoublef Level 1
              I forgot to also mention, after generating my primary layout, when I view it, it opens by default in Internet Explorer. If I take the path from IE browser and paste it into Mozilla, the file works.

              So this means that there is not a problem in IE because if I try with script outside robohelp it works in IE, but the URL is able to work in Mozilla.
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                What is your final format - compiled help (CHM) or WebHelp? Also, how do you want the PDF and DOC files to open - in their own window or in the browser window?

                I work only with compiled help. The easiest way to open external files in the browser window is to use the attached function. Put it in your <HEAD> section. Then, where you want to link to a file insert <A ONCLICK="parser('yourfile.pdf')" STYLE="text-decoration:underline; COLOR: blue; CURSOR: hand">Your link text </A>

                This function comes from Microsoft's documentation on HTMLHelp and exists because of a problem in the way the help engine finds the path outside of the .chm file. My old version of RoboHelp's WYSIWYG editor will remove the ONCLICK and STYLE tags but I think newer versions leave them intact. I know version 6 is good.

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                  Oh, I should have added that the c.hm and external files should be in the same directory or you will need to tweak the call.
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                    cadoublef Level 1
                    Hi John,

                    I have been creating WebHelps. I am actually confused how to create the .CHM files, despite using the RoboHelp Context and Index Help file. If you have a chance could you clarify how to create the .CHM file.

                    Also, it does not matter whether the file opens in it's own window or another.

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                      Phil_Wells Level 1
                      In the Single Source Layouts (SSL's) in the Project tab.

                      A Webhelp SSL will create Webhelp files.

                      A HTML Help SSL will create .chm files.

                      You'll find the pertinent files in the appropriate directories - go there with Windows Explorer if you want to check.

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                        cadoublef Level 1
                        Thank you, the links work fine when using a CHM file. I guess the problem is only when I use the WebHelp.
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                          cadoublef Level 1
                          Can any flash be used with CHM files?
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                            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            Certainly it can. I do it all the time. Actually have a couple of articles you can view about it.

                            Article one
                            Artile two

                            Then fellow Adobe Certified Instructor John Daigle has a Developer Center article as well:

                            Click here to read John's article

                            Note that these are specific to Adobe Captivate, but the same process applies to generic Flash content.

                            Cheers... Rick