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    User feedback on project

      I want to insert a link in my email that a user can click to open an email to send me questions, suggestions. Has anyone done this? I do not have RoboHelp Server 6, which offers reports in some form about users. I simply would like to have the users be able to contact me directly so that I can be more proactive and responsive to their concerns and issues.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          It is covered in Snippets on my site.

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            Kitlee3 Level 1
            Peter, I went to your Website and reviewed snippets. I found only one topic that might be close to my question - "Mail This Topic". I reviewed the information, but it is not quite what I need. What I want is to put a link in one or more of my topics - such as the overview I do for each section, that says something like, "Send your comments or suggestions to Kitty Martin." This is for internal help files and thus the link would be to my email address within my company. When the user clicks on the link in that topic, the Help system displays/opens an email message. The To: contains my email address and user can write message about the topic.

            I read about this last fall in a STC Intercom July/August 2006 article "Obtaining User Feedback:" Author is Jeremy Webb and it was about sending an email message using JavaScript. I followed his instructions, but ultimately the link would not work. I corresponded with him, showed him exactly what I had done, and he verified everything was okay. But still didn't work. When I previewed my topic I kept getting RH HTML messages about the reference to the feedback.js file contains illegal characters and will not be shown in Project Manager.

            The basic steps for his process involved creating the message in Notepad, saving as "feedback.js", copying that Notepad file and pasting it into the project top folder. Then you add the Feedback.js file to the RH Baggage file, add links in topics to the Feedback function. Then you also have to add some text to the TrueCode in the topics.

            Since his process has not worked for me, I a searching for another way. I have been requested to include this feedback option in my new project. Last fall I was using RH5 for projects, so I thought perhaps it would be different now that I have RH6. Still doesn't work.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              See also Snippet 4.

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                MergeThis Level 4
                This works for us (especially how the cursor is placed at the start of the first line and how the file path is included).

                Good luck,