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    Adobe Audition issue


      Hello everyone. First of all, i would like to thank you for your time in reading this.

      I have a problem that happened when i put together my new pc

      I work on Adobe Audition 1.5 from my old pc and when i used to work, i could import MP3's no problem and now on the new pc i cannot which is hindering my work badly as i have to sit and convert them into wav's then enter them( Using a separate converter coz MP3's are not even being read by Audition )

      Ive tried multiple things to solve this but was unable to.

      One peculiar thing i would like to mention is when i went tocontrol pannel to re-install, i hit repair instead to see what i can do, and it showed me my file associations and apparently everytime i tick MP3 over there, and hit repair, if i go back and do the same thing, it shows me MP3's as unticked. It automatically removes MP3 as a file association for some reason. I really need help in this if anyone can, Thanks again for your time!

      Here's a picture of the error i get -

      Gyazo - d93ab40a4cb00b0df8ecd5f942bb0dd6.png