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    Indesign CC crashing while opening a document - using a exteral font program


      After a few days of terror and trying to find out why my Indesign crashed everytime i try to open a document i got pretty desperate.
      Reading forums and found a lot of people with this kind of issue i found out it had something to do with the font i used in that document.


      I found out Indesign CC keeps all fonts that you open before in the dropdownlist, even that font is deactivated. So when you open the document your indesign start to look for that font, also typekit does, and that's where the problem was...

      After trying a few things i found out, if you know what font u use in that document and you activate that font in your extern fontprogram (i use Universal type client),

      Open than Indesign, the document opens, if you want to open the font when Indesign is open it just crash.


      Just wanted to share this, hope it helps some people