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    Site check // website intro // suggestions for dev team

    XDude.com! Level 1

      Hello, my name is XDude and I'm reliving my glory days of when I used to make long, elaborate website intros in Macromedia Flash.


      Just kidding.


      But I did make this today: http://12voltwizard.com/intro/


      (Ultra rough first draft, takes a while to load, don't blink or you might miss the animation.)


      For everybody:


      Aside from the long loading time, does it work on all your fabulous devices, tablets, etc.?


      For the devs:


      The program has certainly come a long way since version 1! Thanks so much for including all the lessons right inside the program, it made the learning process super-easy.


      Overall, making the animation was mostly painless. I did find myself a bit bewildered by the lack of a "modify the background color of the document body" (not just the stage) or "add a body background image" feature. (Unless that's what a down-level stage is?)


      My hax0ring skilz were also a little too weak to get the preloader image to appear in the center of the page...


      If there could be a way to move the playhead with the keyboard (like hitting the Page Down key in After Effects or Premiere) that'd be awesome.


      Other than that ... well, I'm super-excited to see that Flash 3 lives again!!