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    I will miss configurator panels in 2014, but......

    - JM - Level 3

      I will miss configurator panels in 2014, but if there was a better way to organize subsets of actions in separate panes that would help.


      Currently all of my actions are organized in folders within the Actions pane. But even with the actions placed in folders, the pane becomes less easy to navigate the bigger it gets. And, there are typically just a handful that are actively used. It would be very helpful if I could create separate panes of a smaller subset of actions that are in "button mode". I could expand a pane with specific project actions that I am working on, or layer actions etc.


      Many of the things that were placed in Configurator panels were actions, or menu commands because the pane could be better organized and customized. The Actions pane needs a little update and separate sub-panes may be the easiest way to replace the most common use of configurator panels.