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    Is Adobe trying to destroy me?


      I am extremely opposed to going to a monthly subscription service for my software. I am therefore horrified that the latest update from Adobe has not only changed the default to load files into their cloud version of their software but it seems to have convinced Windows that my existing CC6 versions don't exist! I can run the program and open files from it but I can no longer set it to be the default program for the appropriate file types! Makes more work for me but I still refuse to bow down to the concept of cloud computing! It will be just like cable TV. When it started it was cheap and had no advertising. Slowly they ratcheted up the prices and introduced advertising till now we pay huge monthly fees for what we used to have for free. It's the old gimmick about frogs in a pot of water. Put them in hot water and they jump out. Put them in cool water and heat it slowly and they cook up just fine. NO THANK YOU!