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    preference to turn of injecting xmp into media?


      Hi! I read from following link: Re: Conforming & Indexing of Files that problems with audio conforming should disappear if you turned off a preference to inject xml data into my media. But the link oddly doesn't include info on how to. How do I do this?


      I'm getting frustrated since I have a limited time frame for my current work and i got Premiere Pro CC just because I've been a long time, satisfied user of premiere pro but with CC I've had more troubles than ever! This isn't fun and is costing me valuable time and money!


      My problem to be specific is: Sound disappearing after 3-4 seconds when viewing imported .mts files from a GH1 with standard 1080p AVCHD settings. I used "create sequence from clip" and now after conforming everything sound disappears after 3 seconds.


      So I figured if I turn off the preference to inject xmp into my media I wouldn't have the problem.


      Help me on how to do that.


      Thanks / Martin