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    TOC alternatives

      Is it possible to add another tab to the TOC space in RoboHelp that contains a graphical navigation alternative to the standard TOC and index? Specifically, we'd like to use a custom Flash-based interface.
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi rdgriffith and welcome to our community

          Are you talking about modifying the RoboHelp application itself or the output it produces? I suppose either way, anything is really possible. It all depends on your programming skills. For example, to modify the RoboHelp application interface, I guess you might be able to create special add ins for that. For RoboHelp output, you have a certain amount of flexibility. For example, WebHelp output is just a collection of files and Framesets. Same with FlashHelp. But that one requires Flash knowledge. Then there's compiled .CHM output. For that one, you actually see things in action. For example, with Browse Sequences. You see how the supplied HHActiveX.dll actually modifies the help window rather dramatically.

          Cheers... Rick
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            rdgriffith Level 1
            Thanks, Rick.

            We only want to modify the resulting help system output by RoboHelp, not the RoboHelp application. Our WebHelp design intends to use dynamic spider diagrams that allow a user to move quickly the content domain. These will likely be Flash-based. Clicking on a particular spider mode will load the appropriate content in the right-hand frame. Having the diagrams in the left-hand frame will speed the navigation process. Will HHActiveX.dll support this type of functionality?

            Also, does this capability exist only in version 6.0...or can it be done with earlier versions of RoboHelp?
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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi again

              The ability to modify WebHelp output is present as far back as I believe version 9. It may sound weird for me to say that, but you have to know a bit of RoboHelp history. While you see that Adobe branded RoboHelp as version 6, from a logical perspective it's version 14.

              HHActiveX.DLL has nothing whatsoever to do with WebHelp or FlashHelp. It's strictly for use with compiled .CHM files.

              Cheers... Rick