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    Conditional text in IDML export broken/buggy

    PlainMartin Level 1

      InDesign's conditional text feature is fantastic. When it works.

      I have a workflow where I need to export InDesign (CC / CC 2014) documents to IDML and later re-import them (they go through a translation memory system).


      Here's what happens:


      1.) I apply text conditions to two or more paragraphs in an InDesign document, but not the following paragraphs.

      2.) If I save this document in InDesign .indd format and reopen it, everything is fine.

      3.) However, if I export this document as an IDML document and immediately open this IDML file, the conditional markup is mangled. The conditions will "spill" over the following paragraphs (which should not be marked) and only stop when the next text condition appears.


      The problem does _not_ appear when I apply a condition only to parts of paragraph (e.g. a few words).


      I have seen this bug in CC, it's in CC 2014, and it breaks the workflow that my team depends on.


      Has anyone else seen this bug in their documents? Any idea how to work around it other then tiptoeing around carriage returns? When you work with a dozen conditions, this can become really cumbersome...


      InDesign - conditional text in IDML import export bug.png