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    Adobe Flash CC Wacom pen issues.

    tim823 Level 1



           I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga Ultrabook that has tablet functionality via Wacom. I have had no issue drawing within the Photoshop that I have had for months now, but when I just installed Flash CC, the tablet will not let me use the tablet pen to draw a line correctly. What it does is makes a long straight diagonal line every time I try to touch it to the screen, and then at the end of said line, it then will draw what I gesture with my hand. The problem is, its offset now to the end of the line, so it is completely unusable. It has no problem working if I were to use my finger on the touch screen instead of the pen, which is very strange.


      Some things to note:

      -Again, it works fine with the pen in other drawing apps like photoshop

      -The issue persists with the default pen and a different brand pen that I frequently use.

      -I have all my graphics drives updated

      -I have the latest Wacom Feel it drivers

      -I turned off all tablet settings that might interfere. Which shouldn't matter anyway if the pen works in other Adobe apps.

      -I cant find a single thing online that comes anywhere close to what I need about this issue. I have no where else to turn! It seems like a Flash not being able to handle the tablet function settings.

      -I am not a newbie to the Wacom functionality, so I have tried all of the obvious fixes.


      Does anyone know of any fixes for this problem? I have the 30 day free trial of Flash, and I am not going to buy this if I cant get it resolved in the next month!

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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