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    SWF files in interactive PDF appearing as black box when my client views it, can anyone help?


      Can anyone help with this problem.


      I've recently created an interactive document in Indesign CC. I've created an animation within InDesign then exported the selection to SWF then brought the SWF file back into Indesign. I turned the Poster image to non.


      Once I exported to PDF I selected the SWF element and checked transparent background, play when page is open and close when page is closed, tried not visible to as a test.


      Now, this all works just fine when I view locally in both Acrobat ProXI and Acrobat reader 10. The problem is when my client views the PDF in the latest Acrobat reader which I asked her to download the SWF files appear as black boxes and don't work.


      I've trawled the forums for an answer but just can't seem to find the solution.


      Does anybody have a solution or know what's causing the problem?