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    How do I setup ADE: multiple users / multiple devices



      I'm new to this DRM stuff and totally confused as to how it works, and the implications of different setups. I've seen lots of posts suggesting if ADE is not setup correctly from the start, you end up with a cascade of problems trying to correct the installation, and having to play around in the registry.


      As I understand it, ADE is a download client, encrypter/decrypter process, a transfer client, and a book renderer.


      Although I've never done this, I guess what I want is the sort of setup you would have at an internet cafe. Someone can bring in their reader (already registered with their home computer). Go online, buy a book, use their Adobe Id to download the e-book (?) and transfer it to their reader. And read it.


      I'm not sure about which parts of the Authorization/Registration/Encryption process are linked to each other.

      I have read that ADE does not write anything to the e-reader during registration. But rather reads the serial number of the e-reader to identify it. Presumably ADE re-encrypts the book using the devices serial number when it transfers the book to the e-reader. So, according to the post, there is no problem having an  e-reader registered to many installations of ADE.

      Similarly I've read that authorization is only required to establish your rights to download the encrypted book.

      However, I've also seen posts that contradict these.


      Also I've seen that as the book is encrypted for a specific reader only during transfer, you can't use explorer to copy books onto the reader.





      ps. I've got a KoboGlo, I'm not from Kobo. I couldn't find a moniker, They were all taken and out of frustration used my reader as a moniker. And now I'm stuck with it.